Leadership Training

Working for Change offers leadership-training programs to people marginalized by poverty, homelessness, mental health issues, gender, violence, and newcomer/immigration experiences. Our graduates have become public speakers and advocates on a range of social justice issues.


VoicesVoices From the Street (Voices)
Voices from the Street is a 12-week leadership training program, developed in 2005, in order to provide economically, politically and socially marginalized individuals from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to bring their voices and perspectives to decision-making bodies that shape public policy. Graduates from the program are part of a Speakers Bureau that creates opportunities for members to advocate for societal change and reduce stigma and discrimination. Members of the Speakers Bureau are available to speak on various topics related to poverty, mental health issues, addictions, homelessness, domestic violence and newcomer issues.
Contact Dawnmarie Harriott: dawnmarie@workingforchange.ca


WSO-GradWomen Speak Out (WSO)
Women Speak Out, which was established in 2011, provides a 12-week leadership training program using a gender lens to explore social justice issues. Graduates of WSO are active members on a range of advisory committees and community boards and they have participated in international and national exchanges with other grassroots women’s groups. They are also members of our Speakers Bureau. In 2013, WSO won the Women Transforming Cities Best Practices Award for their work.
Contact Lubna Khalid: lubna@workingforchange.ca


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