Working for Change provides employment and education opportunities for people disadvantaged by marginalization and systemic barriers

Working for Change

Working for Change is an umbrella organization that emphasizes the importance of work in the lives of people who have been marginalized. We operate social purpose enterprises, leadership and pre-employment training programs, as well as providing community – based research and public education on issues related to poverty and mental health. 

Out of this World Cafe (OTW) and The Grill

A cafe and catering business that is more than a food provider. We are a social enterprise created by Working for Change. Besides providing our customers with great food at great prices, Out of this World Cafe builds our community by creating jobs.

Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises

Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises is a gardening social enterprise that  does environmentally – friendly landscaping. We make sure the financial, social and environmental impact of our business is a priority. Revenues create employment and further business growth.  Our specialty is serving Business Improvement Areas (BIAs).

The Raging Spoon Catering Company (The Spoon)

The Raging Spoon is a social purpose enterprise which focuses on community interaction and provides catering services to the Greater Toronto Area. We offer employment opportunities to psychiatric consumer/survivors who have an interest in food service related employment. Our motto is “Good food for a good cause.”

Grassroots Research

A unique social enterprise that provides peer research to the community sector. Whether you require a peer researcher or you are looking to complete a comprehensive service review, Grassroots Research is able to assist you along the way.

Voices from The Street

Was a 12-week leadership training program and now a speakers bureau, it provides economically, politically and socially marginalized individuals from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to bring their voices and perspectives to decision-making bodies that shape public policy.

Women Speak Out

Was a training program using a gender lens to explore social justice issues. Graduates  are active members on a range of advisory committees and community boards and they have participated in international and national exchanges with other grassroots women’s groups. They are also members of our Speakers Bureau.

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