Pre-Employment Food & Horticulture Training

All applicants must be receiving Ontario Works (OW)

May – July 2021 – Closed 

Referrals will open in spring 2022 

We offer a 12 week training program focusing on employment in either the food or horticulture sectors. In addition to receiving pre-employment training which focuses on assisting people who have been out of the workplace for extended periods, participants also have on the job training in their selected area. Some of the graduates of the program find work in our social enterprises, Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises, Out of This World Cafe, and the Raging Spoon Catering Company.

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WRAP Around Covid-19 Support Program

May – July 2021 – Closed

August – October 2021

All applicants must be receiving Ontario Works (OW); ask your worker for a referral starting  July 2021.

We offer a 10- week program focusing on wellness. We will connect with participants who are struggling and in urgent need during the COVID-19 crisis—people who are socially isolated, experiencing mental health issues, poverty, and in need of community resources including food or financial resources.

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Pre-Employment Relief Worker Training

Nov 2021 – Feb 2022

All applicants must be receiving Ontario Works (OW); ask your worker for a referral starting September 2021.

There is increased recognition in the social service sector that people with lived experience/peer workers bring valuable skills, empathy, and an ability to relate to and support others who are accessing the social service system. At the same time, the opportunity to work allows people who are living in poverty to change their economic status and feel empowered by their contribution to society. Our program is one of the few that provides in-depth training that prepares people to work as relief workers in shelters, drop-ins and housing programs. By starting as relief workers, our graduates have the opportunity to gain experience and move on to full-time employment in the social service sector.

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